Released from the fangs of insobriety and dullness this 4-piece came
together to exhume the rotten corps of melodic punk sound from the 90s
California era. Hanging out together leaded to writing songs about
deadlocked politics and social grievance in modern times. Friendship,
being stuck together for good and having some brew also have their safe
place in the lyrical base of the band.

In early 2017 they released their first 5-song EP “beer is my cup of
tea” which quickly awoke the interest in fans of old style Skatepunk and
bands like Lagwagon, No use for a name or Good riddance.
A tight and melodic guitar base meets well balanced multi harmonic
vocals on partly mid- and high speed drumming. In July 2019 the band
released their debut Album “Steps I take – Images I fake” on Twisted
Chords. Out on all streaming platforms and available on vinyl.

Some new songs have been recorded in early 2020 since the world slowed a
bit down in Covid-19 lockdown and there has been plenty of time. The
most political and meaningful songs the band ever put together is what
came out. As an unpracticed quarantine creation the band decided to put
out the four songs only as mp3-download available on
including an exclusive cover song! The collected money will be donated
to an animal shelter in their area.
A video for the single „Away drinkin'“ is out now on video platforms!

„We hope you enjoy our new songs and can keep your head up! Take care
and wash hands!“

In the moment it’s still uncertain if there will be any shows and
touring in 2020.

Dave – Vocals/guitar
Bonzo – Guitar/vocals
Kai – Bass
Sebi – Drums