Bonzo Goes To Quarantine (Digital Download)




Exclusive download of our brandnew EP.
We’d like to thank all of you for your support!

1. Thirty-some and counting…
2. Time and wartime again
3. Compassion long gone
4. Away drinkin‘
5. (bonus cover song)

Some new songs have been recorded in early 2020 since the world slowed a bit down in Covid-19 lockdown and there has been plenty of time.
The most political and meaningful songs the band ever put together is what came out.
As an unpracticed quarantine creation the band decided to put out the four songs only as mp3-download available on including an exclusive cover song!
A video for the single „Away drinkin'“ is out now on video platforms!

„We hope you enjoy our new songs and can keep your head up!
Take care and keep washing hands!“